Financial red flags in a Relationship

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It's the month of love, cupid arrows are flying, love is in the air and we are here for it. However, we know that when it comes to love, financial health sometimes goes out the window and you can miss red flags in the moment of romance. As your best guide, we have identified some financial red flags you should look out for before venturing into any relationship. Some of them could be subtle, while some can be very glaring and others play out differently. One way to address financial red flags is to have your own money principles. This way, it's harder to be tricked or deceived into believing money lies.

  • They are dishonest about their finances

    This could be in the form of withholding information from you or lying about their source of wealth. Bad financial situations can happen but when they lie to you about their finances, it can really hurt your relationship. Our advice? Run from people like this. How are you sure they are not dishonest about their love for you? You should know about your partner’s true financial situations so you can assist or run where needed.

  • They can’t stick to a budget

    Sticking to a budget is a sign of self-discipline and trust. If these signs are not cultivated early in the relationship, a joint budget may be more difficult to adhere to. Stick with someone whose financial goals align with yours and can always be kept accountable with their funds.

  • They borrow to impress you

    It may seem flattering to have a partner willing to do so much as taking a loan to impress you, but caution should be taken with such people, especially if they are not making secondary efforts to increase their pay. They might end up in situations where they are unable to pay back and blame you for the financial challenges faced.

  • They have no financial plans

    A relationship is not a get rich quick scheme. It is important to attain a level of financial independence before getting into a serious relationship. You should always financially prepare for major life events. Be it a marriage, buying a car, a dream vacation, buying a house, or planning for your kid's education, all these can be planned and executed with a well laid out financial plan. Your partner cannot be your retirement plan. Stop putting pressure on your partner and get your finances together.

  • They try to control your money

    It's great to have a partner financially responsible enough to guide you, but it should not be too controlling. The partner can always help, chip in a bit and assist, but it should not be used as a means of power over the other.

  • They claim cashless but are also cardless

    When going out with your partner, ensure all financial arrangements have been taken care of. Don't invite someone out on a date if you have no intentions to pay. If you would like to go dutch, talk about it prior to the event. Financial responsibilities can be shared in a relationship, they just have to be discussed.

    We've shared this and would love to know your thoughts. What other financial red flags do you think should be run away from? Follow us on Instagram @aellaapp and drop them in the comment section.