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With a diversified credit infrastructure and an unparalleled reach, we are powering payments across Africa.

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Our suite of products make financial transactions faster, easier and smarter.


Instant access to funds with low rates. Whenever, wherever.

Aella Credit

No more panic. You can pay the bills now and sort the rest later.

Aella Pay

A diversified health insurance marketplace with the best options.

Aella Care

The easiet and most effective way to grow wealth.

Aella Wallet
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Building the future of financing for the underbanked via artificial intelligence

By using proprietary data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, we help customers better manage their finances with a cutting-edge approach.

  • AI driven customer profiling that power loan eligibility
  • Robust credit solutions with dynamic loan pricing and interests rates
  • Unique e-commerce experience to the B2B user
  • High-level AI-powered digital health marketplace
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Fostering Innovation

Leveraging partnerships to enhance customer experience by embracing the future with our API powered infrastructure.

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Our Community

There are more than 2 million people who have made Aella their life partner, and they're experiencing simple and efficient financial services.

I had just paid for a 9 month insurance plan with AellaCare when my wife went into labour and needed an emergency C-section. With Aella Care, I didn’t have to pay a dime of the N200,000 bill and my wife was treated with absolute care and respect. Thank you Aella for helping my family welcome a healthy baby boy without financial hassle.

Emmanuel Ehinomen

One day, I woke up in the middle of the night with high fever and intense stomach ache. I was rushed to the hospital the next morning and found out I had typhoid fever. I was taken care of, given the necessary injections, infusions and drugs. I was placed on admission the whole day without spending a dime. All on my insurance with just chikini money. Aella is the best.

Oladejo Khadijat

Aella Loan app has been very wonderful and trusting. The loan I received from Aella helped me when I was in a tight financial situation. Most importantly, the loans come in time. As soon as it is approved, you receive your money. Thank you Aella, you are the best!

Sarah Apkan

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