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Whatever your needs, personal or business, you can rely on us for a quick, and simple application process to access funds.

Our 5 mins is 5 mins

Apply from the app and get funded in less than 5 minutes.

No paperwork

You can access non-collateralized loans of up to N1,000,000 to cushion the shock of some expenses.

No rollover fees

We make access to loans affordable for you. You pay only what you owe with no late fees attached.

get higher amount

Build your credibility with early repayment and get access to higher loan amounts and discounts.

Cashback on Loans

We reward you for repaying your loans on time, every time by receiving cash back on the interest paid.

How it works

Get one step closer to accessing credit! It's just a few clicks away.


Sign up by providing us with your personal details.


Provide answers to simple questions about you and submit for a quick review.


Let us know how much you need by typing the exact amount.


Once approved, the funds will be disbursed to your account in no time.

The New Way To Have Fun With Credit

You can get your hands on some quick cash to spend forward with your Aella Card. It's simple and fast, so that you can get back to living.