The Tree Where Your Money Grows

You can enjoy a healthy, steady stream of interest and watch as your money grows.

Start Building Your Wealth

It's more than a store house. It's a place to build and grow your streams of income.

Ultimate digital wallet

We help individuals and businesses manage their finances with ease.

free transfers

You can send money to family and friends on the Aella app with free peer-to-peer transfers.

Track your finances

Track your spending and estimate your future expenses.

On Your own terms

You are free to build and grow your money however you would like to.

How it works

You can follow these easy and effective ways to manage and grow your wealth

Click on Add Money

Sign in and click on the add money button on the Aella App.

Provide Amount

Type in the amount you would like to add and then click "add money".

Select Funding Option

You can fund your wallet either via bank transfer or your debit card attached to the app.

Receive Funds

Funds will be automatically deposited directly into your wallet.